Triodos Renewables Europe Fund is designed to offer investors the opportunity to actively contribute to the growth of renewable energy production in Europe. It invests in relatively small-scale European producers of green power, such as wind farms, solar energy power plants and hydropower facilities.

113,649 households

provided with
clean energy

The fund aims to further develop the renewable energy sector by investing in clean-power producing assets, thus increasing the proportion of the total energy demand that is met by clean energy and reducing CO2 emissions. All activities of the fund are based on Triodos Group’s values, which focus on sustainability and the “Triple P” principle (People, Planet, and Profit). These values require projects to have a positive impact on the environment and contribute to sustainability: reducing CO2 emissions, replacing fossil fuels and providing clean energy. Energy has become a necessity of modern life and access to it is essential for economic development.

Triodos Renewables Europe Fund has a significant direct environmental and social impact. Overall, the projects in the fund’s portfolio produced 386 GWh of green and renewable energy over the full year 2016, providing 113,649 European households access to clean energy and reducing CO2 emissions by 158,663 tonnes. In proportion to the stake of the fund in the projects, the production of green and renewable energy amounted to approximately 147 GWh. This production is lower than expected, which is mainly attributable to lower wind speeds. Based on the current estimated production for 2016, the ownership of 54 shares in the fund equals the energy consumption of one average household in the Netherlands.

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