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Management report

We live in a time when each one of us can make a difference to our economy and society. To create one that is more sustainable, human and innovative. Triodos Bank is part of a growing movement building a sustainable future and better quality of life. It is part of an economy it wants to transform, by promoting the conscious use of money so that people are aware of the vital impact of their savings, investments and the choices they make about how they manage their finances.

Yet, despite increasing impact and influence, we remain a relatively small player, particularly in the banking sector. However, scale is not the only thing that matters. Indeed, small players can make a difference when they are part of a growing and dynamic movement in society. So how did we make a difference in a year that continued to be dominated by macro-economic troubles? And how do the acute financial ills of Europe, in particular, affect Triodos Bank and our stakeholders?

Striking the right balance, in an unpredictable world, has been central to developments in 2012. Supranational bodies like the European Union, national economies and their leaders, businesses and banks, and many individuals they serve have struggled to cope with a seemingly perpetual economic downturn.

Balancing act

At a European level, the oversupply of money to maintain the economy has led to ...

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Triodos Bank is committed to sustainable development, with a focus on people’s ...

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Co-worker report summary

Triodos Bank’s social policy is based on a belief that an organisation can only develop ...

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Environmental report summary

Triodos Bank’s largest positive impact on the environment comes from financing ...

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Divisions and results

Triodos Bank’s activity is split between three core divisions.

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Risk and compliance

Managing risk is a fundamental part of banking.

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The Dutch Banking Code

The Dutch Banking Code (Banking Code) came into force as of 1 January 1, 2010.

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